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Voice Recording on Android: Recordroid Dictaphone

July 25th, 2011 No comments


Recording sound seems like the sort of thing that everybody would have to do at some point, so it’s surprising that Android doesn’t come with a really great voice recorder built-in. Luckily Recordroid Dictaphone provides an elegant and neat-looking solution to the problem.

Recordroid takes the metaphor of the 1980s tape recorder to the extreme; when you first open the app you have to press on a virtual “tape deck” in order to “insert a new tape” before you can start doing anything. Annoying? Yes! Kind of neat at the same time? Also yes!

After the initial graphical silliness, Recordroid is an amazingly simple and intuitive app to use. The settings menu gives you access to detailed settings for audio quality (again, annoyingly expressed as “tape capacity”), geocoding, file formats, and automatic backup settings.

Hitting record allows you to start speaking into your Android’s microphone, creating a recording. When you’re finished, you enter a title for the recording, which becomes the filename for the Wav or 3GP file which the app creates on your phone’s SD card.

Hitting play gives you access to all of your prior recordings, which you can play back, send via e-mail, or see on a map. If you have a lot of recordings, there is also a search function which allows you to locate the one you’re looking for.

Recording quality is pretty good, and seems to be limited only by the hardware capabilities of the Android phone itself. The ability to e-mail recordings is a great feature, and makes it easy to store things in your e-mail so you can search for them later.

The app doesn’t do MP3 recording, which would be nice. Another annoying problem with Recordroid Dictaphone is the fact that it’s only available as a free light version in the Android app store. Apparently, you can buy the app for four dollars from a few other app stores, but none of these are especially easy to register for. The light version limits you to shorter recordings, but otherwise it’s fully featured; for the price, I’d say grab it and try it out. You’ll feel like it’s 1983 all over again!

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